All Natural Baltic Amber Collar for Fleas and Ticks ( Dogs or Cats )

  • $12.99

Our Baltic Amber collars have one specific purpose and that is to help our dogs all naturally without the use of manmade chemicals. I know all these so called flea and tick collars, sprays and drops couldn’t be good for my dogs so I set out to find something new. Luck has it, this isn’t new but rather thousands of years old. A remedy that has been used in the Baltic region since B.C. days and still today, all natural rules!

Keep yourself, children, friends and family safe also. Each time you pet your dog or cat, are you ingesting chemicals from your animal? This could be a serious health risk!

What is Baltic Amber?

It is a natural tree resin that was formed millions of years ago and occurs naturally in deposits left in the Baltic Sea. It has been used throughout history dating back to the height of the Roman Empire.  It is found along the shore lines of the Baltic Sea, not purchased from mines as the cost is more expensive. That is how the supplier I purchase from finds them, naturally along the coast line. I purchase this directly from a Baltic Amber cultivator in Lithuania. This is his family’s only job, they have been doing this for generations. The quality of our amber is superb!

Most necklaces will last about 2 years. We recommend dogs or cats that are extremely active or outdoors often, changing them once a year. 

Yes it is hard to believe that something so simple can help fight the nasty buggers like fleas and ticks naturally! When we use chemical man made flea and tick repellents, they enter the blood stream of our pets many times or better yet, set on top of the fur of the animal and each time we pet them, we ingest the chemicals ourselves. Putting our animals and ourselves at risk.

The necklace is simple in how it works. It works in two ways.

First the electrostatic element is created from the Amber rubbing against the fur of the animal creating a natural electric charge that creates a barrier for your animal. This creates the electrostatic charge that makes it harder for fleas and ticks to bond to your animal.

 The second way the Amber works is through the natural body heat of your animal activating the natural terpenes.  Terpenes are a natural resinous aromatic hydrocarbons that come originally from the trees from millions of years ago!  The Terpenes stay active today the same way it protected the trees, the amber came from.

 Our Baltic Amber necklaces are unpolished and the reason for this is because when you polish the resin, it seals and makes a barrier that doesn’t allow the Baltic Amber natural properties to work. This is not a cure against an infestation, the Baltic Amber is a preventive to fleas and ticks. If you are already having issues with fleas you need to treat your home, yard and your animal.

 Sizes vary, measure your dog or cat’s neck and a good rule of thumb for collars being Baltic Amber collars or any collar in general, is two fingers included. Loose enough for them to breathe easy but not so loose where it can get caught on another object.

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