BITE SLEEVE MATERIAL DOG TUG - Great for Play and Working Dog

  • $12.99

Bite Sleeve Dog Tug 

We set out on a mission to find the strongest cloth type material without using abrasive fire hose material and we found it. The dog tug you see here is made from the same material bite suits are made out to protect the handler. The material allow penetration without the typical ripping that is seen normally in dog toys. Two handles, one on each end makes tug of war even easier! 


  • Two Colors - Red or Black
  • Two Sizes - L and XL 
  • Handle Hole for trainers or use on the flirt pole, flirt stick or spring pole! Use in a variety of ways. Use as the lure end for the dog to bite and chase! 
  • Great for two dog homes. The dogs love playing tug of war and this thing can really take the abuse! 
  • Great for training future schutzhund working dogs. Get them use to the material early in life. 

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We can offer bulk discounts for orders of 10 or more for clubs, classes, dog handler / trainers. Please use the contact page to contact us. Send the number of tugs you need and a zip code. We will reply back immediately with a price quote and shipping options available. 

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