Cowhide Tugs - All Natural

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Cow Hide Tugs ALL NATURAL 

Direct from the farm to your door and the most natural play toy or exercise equipment you can get for your dog! Natural Cow hides are the safest chew toy you can get for your dog. When I say natural, I mean truly “all natural”. I go directly myself and personally select each full cow hide I bring into stock here. The farmers who provide this hide to me is a small Amish community here in Missouri who believe in the old ways. No antibiotics, no growth hormones, chemicals or any of that stuff and their commitment to their animals is as good as it gets! I receive them partially processed with salts and we allow our hides to rest for a week after salt to pull the moisture out of the hide, true salt curing. Then they are sun and wind cured; we have an old style process and screening system that needs no modern day help, just the good old earth providing what we need to bring this to you and your dog.

Get away from those expensive and abrasive fire hose tugs. The material a firehose is made out of is very tough but very abrasive to a dog’s teeth. Fire hose tugs can break and wear down teeth and all natural tugs are tough as nails plus they are gentle on your dog’s teeth but provide texture, smells and activates the natural prey drive. The reason why fire hose tugs are not good for your dog especially is because they do not allow the dog’s teeth to penetration which increases toughness but gives you an adverse effect on your dog’s teeth which could cause lifelong issues and problems!

We offer several different all natural cow hides used in a variety of ways from use with spring poles, flirt poles, hand held pulls or come up with your game of fun with the hides. The uses and fun are absolutely endless.

Sizes will be bigger than 5.5 inches in width and 14 inches in length. Due to this being a RAW ALL NATURAL product, it is hard to specify a size but they will always be at least this big and most are bigger. Great size for medium to large dogs and if you have smaller dogs, cut it in half and get two. You will always come out better on my products! I guarantee your happiness for you as a customer and as a dog lover myself, I am in this for the dogs not the money!

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These are the unprocessed cow hides, no additional ropes or equipment. Just your plain cow hide rectangle. 

This is not made to chew on like a bone, it can be but there are health risk if they chew off a big piece, these will swell up with moisture in the stomach. 

You can find the additional styles we offer with the link below


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