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This all natural balm is nature’s perfection, but it's what's inside that has dog lovers hooked! The all-natural, petroleum-free formula contains a coconut oil base to soften, hydrate and heal your dog’s problem areas. Rich in healing properties coming from Flowers of Sulphur, Colloidal Silver and Lemon extracts. This is a family secret formula that has been in the making for decades now and finally able to bring this to the general public! This balm really goes the distance as the healing benefits are just the beginning as we have had the best luck in even growing hair back over the problem areas and even scars at times! 

The balm nourishes the skin and soothes your dog’s problem areas from surgery scars, hunting wounds and so much more! We have had great success in hot spots, skin irritations from bacteria and fungus, smoothing out scars, speeding healing time when used on the outside area of large wounds and over healed itchy scabs. The handcrafted blend of vitamins, nutrients, minerals and  all natural elements. They're naturally derived as well, which means you can apply, and reapply, with abandon. All ingredients of the formula are human quality, we do not short change our personal dogs and we will not do it to yours! 100% satisfaction money back guarantee, no questions asked! Limited to only 2 balm containers per order until our manufacturer can meet demands. I am sorry for the inconvenience of this. No bulk orders on this product till Fall of 2018. 

Uses of the balm

  • Hot Spots
  • Skin Irritations
  • Fungus and Bacteria related external skin issues
  • Mange
  • Wound Healing
  • Moisturizing itchy scabs
  • Nourishing topical skin needs
  • Hair regrowth

For best uses, store in a dark cool area and if possible refrigerate as the normal separation of oil and base happens in hot climates.

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