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Dogboy's Crystal Clean Purifying Soap Antibacterial & Hot Spots

  • $7.99

Dogboy's Crystal Clean Purifying Soap 

The recipe to this soap is something that has been a development for a long time, passed down to me from one generation to the next. Flowers of sulfur is our all natural potent fighter family secret. We have been using this for decades for our own personal dogs and now bringing it to the public. Flowers of Sulfur is all natural and one of the most powerful anti-fungal and antibacterial substances the world has ever seen; been used throughout history for 1000's of years by people of volcanic areas for limitless uses. Human grade quality products only.  We also incorporate the added benefits of purified all natural real lemon substrate,colloidal silver and topping it off with the goat milk based substrate for adding a mild moisturizing property and gentleness on all types of dog or feline coats. Short coats, long coats, double coats

The uses of this soap is endless and the all natural fungal and bacterial properties are impressive. Great for dogs that have had issues with allergic reactions to detoxifying the skin without using processed chemical topical creams. Also great for hunting dogs running that might be injured with cuts and scrapes. This all natural soap cleaner for wounds is superb and more gentle than hydrogen peroxide or iodine on the wound. 

Limitless uses

  • Multiple Different Skin Conditions 
  • Mange
  • Relief From Hot Spots
  • Topical fungal infections 
  • Topical bacteria infections
  • Scratches, scars, wounds and more. 
  • Even helps to prepare skin for hair regrowth even on scars 
  • Topical General Cleanser 
  • Gentle on skin, hair and pads

Do not use internally. Consult veterinarian prior to use. Results very, this is our very best soap and we guarantee your happiness. If you are not impressed with our soap. 100% money back guarantee



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