Military Style Dog Harness - Carrying plus Weight Training Vest Tactical

  • $20.99

Size Large or Extra Large Available
Army Green - Dark Sand Brown - Tactical Black
Military Style Working Hiking Dog Harness Vest
Send a message to me about color and size after you hit the Buy It Now

Great for a variety of uses:

Great Training Vest for working dogs and the everyday pet

Great for schutzhund and bite work type dogs
Same style and setup as many military and police harnesses. Great for tracking dogs Hikers will love it with the dogs helping carry the load (strap on water bowl, lunch or whatever for the walk)

Weight Training Your Dog (add additional weights for the physical muscle building side, strap on any type of weight to the side harness

Quality Lead / Leash Attachment
Solid strap system with quick release
Built to work, extra tough conditioning
Free movement for the dog during walking or running

Fast Shipping and USA Seller
Climate Controlled Storage
Package Well and Mailed within 24 hours
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